Being SCAMMED Online – The Ugly Truth

being scammed

Most people today won’t dare admit to being scammed.  One would think that people are too smart to fall for a scam in today’s world, right?  I mean, isn’t it kinda obvious when you’re being scammed? The answer to those questions are an unfortunate “No”.

The scams of today are very elaborate and convincing.  It simply isn’t that easy to tell. Sure the “get rich quick” schemes are obvious.  I agree if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.  Going by that philosophy alone can save you from a lot of confusion and pain.

The problem is today’s scams are very high tech, well developed and performed.  The ugly truth is that I’ve recently been scammed myself online.  You might ask, “But aren’t you making money with your website”?

The truthful answer is not yet.  It takes time to build a website to a point of creating income.  It’s not an overnight success but with patience and consistent effort, it is just a matter of time.

being scammed

When working to Make Money Online, finding a safe place to call home is priceless

Since discovering Wealthy Affiliate University, I am confident that creating an income online is not only possible but probable.  If you are willing to put the work in and stay consistent, you can make money online.

WA is an amazing online educational resource that provides training in niche marketing and affiliate marketing.  Wealthy Affiliate also has an amazing web hosting service.

When it comes to internet marketing, growing traffic to your website is crucial to it’s success.  As my traffic grows, I have no doubt that people will see the immense value in the product that is being promoted here. I am honored to promote a product that I believe in.

One of the reasons I love affiliate marketing is because you get to promote what you love.I know that eventually my online success will come. My goal in looking for work from home was simply to supplement my income until my online business reached its tipping point.

being scammed

Beware of High Tech Fraud – Today’s Online Scams are Not So Easy to Spot

Work from home scams are likely the number one scam on the internet today.  This is because many people are seeking for ways to make money online.  Most people are familiar with the tried and true envelope stuffing scams.  However, the enemy is going high tech.

Scammers know just how much people desire to work for themselves, so they take advantage of this information. Work from home scammers now have well documented web-sites and seem very official.

They troll legitimate freelance or career websites to find their next victim. They even provide the illusion of having multiple staff members and departments by posing as various company personnel through email addresses for the fictitious company.

This means you can think you are doing your due diligence and research on a company and still end up being scammed.  There is always a risk when seeking to make money online.

scammed online

My Experience Being Scammed – Lesson Learned

I decided to share this very humiliating experience in hopes that it will help someone else. My intentions was to find a part-time or even full-time employment contract online.

My desire is to help other online businesses to thrive, as I worked to grow my own online business.  I also thought, it would help me to network more and grow my business connections.

So I joined which I assumed was a legitimate website to find freelance work. HOWEVER..

The mistake I made was responding to a job from a company that had not been vetted.  In my busy-ness and rush to make money online, I didn’t follow the suggestions on to NOT take jobs from companies that do not have verified payment identification.

If you use properly, the company acts as an escrow account.  They hold the funds for a job until the job is completed, then the funds are released to the freelancer. The company that scammed me was not verified.  I interviewed with the company via Google Hangout which automatically removed me from the safety of the agreement.

After what seemed like a legitimate interview process with supposedly, more than one person, I agree to allow “the company” to send me a check to purchase software so I could perform data entry work for the company.  I received the check and deposited into my checking account.

The next day, I was then directed to do wire transfers to the software companies.  So I thought..

This should have immediately been a red flag for me.  However, I was already emotionally vested in the process.  Remember, you are prey to these Vultures.  They are very good at being deceptive.  Once the money transfers were completed, the funds were out of my account.

being scammed

The Unfortunate Truth – Moment of Awakening

Four days later, the check was returned to my checking account labeled,, “Fictitious”. Stating that the bank returned the check due to it being altered.  WTF!

I could not have been more devastated.  The pain of betrayal was severe.  I contacted the bank and explained to them that I assumed the money was valid since they’d released the funds.

However,  I was told this is not true; they release the funds as a courtesy, even if they don’t know if the check is real or not.  “crickets…”

I wonder if that means I can write “$1,000.00” on a post-it note, deposit and withdraw it?

After all they have no interest in verifying if the piece of paper is real or not, right? So in fact, I was actually scammed by the scammers and my bank as well, since they released funds from a check without knowing if it was real or not.  I digress.

I then began contacting the the company to inform them of the bounced check.  Once they finally admitted to scamming me, they tried to convince me to help them scam others to get my money back.  As if I would be that cruel and heartless.  I told them “No” and within the hour the site and email was down.

being scammed

The Devastating Pain and Recovery After Being Scammed

True growth comes from overcoming obstacles.  One of the most severe reactions to being scammed is feeling stupid.  The temptation to beat up on yourself is huge.  I mean, how can anyone be so stupid, right?  This is the first stage.

Moving past the trauma and devastation means to keep going.  Don’t quit, keep moving forward.  Every entrepreneur has to experience setbacks.  Overcoming obstacles is the name of the game and if you don’t give up, you get smarter and better.  This is how we become masters.  The only choice for a true entrepreneur is to never give up.

Some might say the ego is hurt more than anything.  However, you can’t overlook the severe pain of betrayal that is experienced.  Feelings of being violated and victimized are all apart of this brutal and devastating experience.

These feelings are amplified and even tripled depending upon the amount of money lost to the scam.  People have lost thousands of dollars owing banks sometimes $20,000-$30,000.  The banks offer you no protection at all.

The guilt and shame of being scammed will eventually heal with time.  The most important thing to remember is that you did nothing wrong.  Your intentions were pure, so love on yourself tenderly. Think kind and loving thoughts about yourself, nurturing your heart until the pain dissolves.

being scammed

Moving Past the Feelings of Failure

Depending on how much damage is suffered in the scamming incident, the goal is to move past it as soon as possible.  If you can, it is best to clear up the situation with your bank as quickly as possible.

If you don’t already have it, I also highly recommend adding fraud protection for your identification as a precautionary measure.  Even though I didn’t give them any of my personal information, I signed up with LifeLock.

Moving past the pain of being scammed becomes easier as you accept that failure is just another chance to begin again.  Being an entrepreneur means getting used to failure and allowing it to make you better.

If you are looking for candy coated articles, you won’t find them here.  Online entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone.  If you don’t recover well from failure, you may want to consider a different way to earn an income.  However, if you don’t give up, the rewards are endless.

Accepting the Bitter Truth About Making Money Online

The only way to legitimately make money online is to build the business yourself.  Trying to work for a company online is possible; there are some legitimate opportunities out there but there is a lot of risk as well.

If you’ve been scammed before, you already know recovering from the pain and horror of the experience is truly a nightmare.

Choose wisely, when taking risks online.  Learn how to make money online, the right way, by building your own niche website and learning internet marketing.  Affiliate marketing and internet marketing are tried and true ways to make money online.

being scammed

Victory is the Sweetest When You’ve Known Defeat.  ~Malcolm Forbes

Being your own boss gives you the power to control your finances and the direction of your business.  It is truly the freedom to live life on your own terms.  However, patience is essential.  There is an incubation period that must take place in every true business. Impatience is not your friend.  If you need to work for someone else for a while until your business is making money, do what you need to do.

I hope this article helps you to beware of online predators and protect yourself.

I would love to hear from you. Have you been scammed online?  How did you recover?

Your feedback is much appreciated.

4 thoughts on “Being SCAMMED Online – The Ugly Truth

  1. My experience being scammed is actually not online. I attended an online marketing intro class for one hour and bought into their upsell for $600. I thought if you are meeting the trainers face-to-face, you have higher chances of learning the right thing. But after 4 days, I realized that I could actually learned all that from the internet – for free.

    They offered more up-sells after that, ranging between 2-5K, if I remembered correctly and some people actually bought them! I am glad I didn’t commit to it because the whole training was obviously a scam.

    • Cathy, thanks for sharing your story. The scammers prey on our emotions and desires. They know how to manipulate people so well. Now, I simply remember to tell myself, “If it sounds too good to be true, it is.” I’m a big dreamer, so I have to protect myself by making sure I stay grounded. Again, thanks for sharing, it’s not always easy to share our embarrassing experiences. Best wishes to you, Kelara

  2. Hello
    Great page and overall site. I to unfortunately have fallen victim to a few scams online. The many sites out there making promises and not even so much the “get rich quick” kind of thing. As you say many are much more subtle and devious. I have been trying to create an income online since 2011, as of yet I have not had the great luck. But since finding WA I do believe I have finally found the vehicle to create an online income. And yes….ITS WORK….but worthwhile work without false promises. Great work on your page. Great information. Keep up the good work.

    • Hi robertsheridan64, thanks for your comment. Being scammed is a horrible experience. I wanted to get my story out there for the many people who have suffered the embarrassment and horror of it. It can be difficult to trust online opportunities in the aftermath. However, I believe there are still good people and opportunities in the world, in spite of the bad ones. I know that creating income online is possible and will never give up. I’m also glad to have found Wealthy Affiliate University. I’ve never been so close to my dreams. I know I’m on the right track and it feels good. Good luck to you and thanks for visiting.

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