How to Define and Create Your Own Personal Success

Success means different things to different people. Often the media and social circles try to define what success should mean to us.  We can mistakenly follow certain paths and formulas for life hoping to reach what we think will create a fulfilling life.

Usually, when we don’t take the time to define success for ourselves, we end up creating an image of what we think it means to others yet it can mean very little to us on a personal level.  Achievements can feel empty and shallow, simply because they have no real meaning to us personally.

If you are an entrepreneur and desire to create personal success, I hope this article will inspire you to take the time and space to define what this means to you.  If you are new to online entrepreneurship, now is the perfect time to get clear in this area so that what you create from your efforts is truly a dream come true.


Personal Success is Customed Made

No one can tell you what success means to you.  In order to know personal success, you must first know your deepest inner desires for life. You must recognize and embrace what makes you tick and what turns you off.  This means getting to know yourself. Asking yourself probing questions and then recognizing the answers within.

Often unclear goals or blurred lines can cause progress to be halted simply because there is no real defined direction. Sometimes when we look at other people’s lives and they seem so happy and well put together, we think that’s the image we should pursuit for our own lives.

We look at the smiles on their faces and their material gains and assume these should be our “life goals” or “relationship goals”.  Yet, what do you really know about them?  How do you really know if they are truly happy or just putting on an image for their audience?  Truthfully, you don’t know.

Buying into the images that people display for their public doesn’t take you closer to your personal success but actually moves you away from it. Why? Because when we accept these displays as our own, we are choosing to look outside of ourselves for true meaning and not within.


To Thine Own Self Be True

The only way you can truly define personal success for yourself is to take an honest look in the mirror. When you truly know and love yourself, you have the privilege of making empowered decisions. These are decisions based on your real authentic self and not an image created for you by others.

For example, just because your sister wants a house in the suburbs doesn’t mean you need to want the same thing.  Maybe you want a condo in the city.  If your girlfriends want to get married and have children, it doesn’t mean you’re required to want the same things.

Maybe you don’t want children at all; maybe your true heart’s desire is to travel abroad for ten years and see the world. Whatever you desire in life is just right for you.  However, we must know and own our dreams and desires and not allow others to define success for us.


Write the Vision, Make it Plain

A helpful exercise to gain personal clarity is to write down your dreams and desires. You can use a journal, your email or simply the memo app on your smartphone. Whatever you do, just begin writing down your thoughts and feelings about life and how you see your life evolving.

This will provide you with clear insight into who you are and help you define your next steps. You can also use fun and creative ways to write your vision down such as a vision board or a mind movie. You can do a scrapbook or begin to keep a personal video diary.

Once you make your vision clear and plain, you will truly know the right direction for your life. Keep in mind, it’s okay to change or revise your vision as it becomes more clear. Don’t allow yourself to feel stuck in a certain direction.

As you grow and develop personally and your online business grows you may discover areas of your vision that needs to be adjusted. This is a good thing because it keeps you on track to living your dream life.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article.  If you find it helpful or inspiring please share.  Please leave your comments below.

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