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Fire Your Boss: Discover 5 Ways Your Quality of Life will Improve

There was a time when retirement meant you could officially fire your boss.  People once retired at an age when you could still enjoy your life. However, today’s retirees are needing to eventually work a part-time job in order to make ends meet.  Nowadays, there are people working until the ripe old age of 80 years old. Many of us will never retire and will work until our last breath on Earth.

The longer I live the more I realize that true quality of life has nothing to do with money.  Sure having enough to pay your bills can make life easier.  However, if you are working for someone else more than 75% of the time, how would you even know??

A true quality life means living with the freedom to live, love and laugh all on your own terms.  Living a quality life requires being fully satisfied each morning you wake up and each night when you lay your head on the pillow.  It means being in alignment with the natural flow of your existence.

In this article, I will share with you  5 ways firing your boss can improve your quality of life.  I’m sure there are more ways but here’s just a few to get you started.

fire your boss1. No More Rat Race

Is there anything worse than watching a clock that never seems to move?  Starting a home based business means you no longer need to punch a clock or waste countless hours sitting at a desk.

When you are self-employed, your time becomes more valuable and you are able to set your priorities more accurately; eliminating time wasting altogether.

One of the more difficult experiences when working for someone else is having a boss who is unforgiving when it comes to punching a clock on time.

This can make for a very uneasy quality of life.  Especially when you have children.  You never know what can happen to change the course of a morning.

Some bosses are very flexible and compassionate when it comes to this issue.  These amazing leaders should be commended for they are truly Earth angels to working mothers.

Yet most supervisors don’t care or want to hear about your personal problems.  They just want you sitting at the desk on time regardless of if you have immediate work to do or not.

This can be very stressful and to make matters worse, these same supervisors often will have issues with employees leaving work on time at the end of the day?  The amount of commitment expected by some supervisors is not only unrealistic but makes being your own boss that much more desirable.

fire your boss2. No More Difficult Bosses or Ineffective Leadership 

As mentioned above, difficult bosses can make your life unbearable when they have overly high expectations or a demand to follow strict rules.  This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to difficult bosses.

As we all know, there are many ways a supervisor can behave that makes working for them a very unpleasant experience. Ineffective leadership is also just as difficult to experience.

A supervisor can be the nicest person in the world but if they are ineffective in their leadership, the office environment can be like a three ring circus with no order and total chaos.

This makes it difficult for good employees to thrive. Often when there is ineffective leadership in a department or business, there are a lot of unknowns which makes it impossible to consistently do a good job.

For those who are conscientious workers, this can be a very annoying and frustrating experience. If this is your experience, being your own boss is likely the golden ticket for you.


fire your boss3. Do What You Love and Love What You Do

There is nothing better than starting and ending your day by doing what you love. For years, I desired this way of living.

Even when I had no idea what I wanted to do.  I knew when I discovered my true love, I would never work another day in my life.

Doing what you love each day is truly not work at all.  It’s living each moment in a state of bliss and gratitude.

If you haven’t yet figured out what you love to do in life, it is worth all the gold in the world to find out.

Doing what you love means connecting to your higher consciousness and tapping the abundance of talents and gifts that are hidden within you. Some people know right away what they want to do with their lives and are able to accomplish those goals easily.

For some of us, it takes more time to figure it out.  However, it’s never too late to follow your dreams and create the life you want to live each day.Just begin by asking yourself each day, “what would I truly love to do with my life?”

Another great question to ask yourself is, “What would I do if money wasn’t an issue?” Posing this question to yourself can be very revealing.

fire your boss

4.  You Can Create a More Prosperous Home Life

Some people make the mistake of thinking prosperity is all about money.  Yes, it includes money but true prosperity means living a life of well-being.

What does it matter to have all the money in the world but poor health and what does it matter if you are rich if you are miserable?

What does it matter to have all the money in the world but also have poor health? Also, does it really matter if you are rich when you are miserable? There are plenty of wealthy people in the world not living a prosperous life.

There are people making large sums of money; working for huge corporations but they never get a chance to enjoy their lives due to working 80 hours of overtime every week.

It doesn’t matter how fancy your house is if you have nobody to enjoy it with; also, what does it matter anyway if you are always at work?

Home is where the heart is.  There is nothing more blissful than a home created with love and joy.  When you fire your boss and generate your income from home, it allows you the time and space to really think about how you want to live.  This means having the time to make your home truly wonderful.

I love having my home office decorated just the way I like.  I also love working in my pajamas and taking breaks to sunbathe in my backyard. When you work from home, bliss is an everyday occurrence.

fire your boss

5. Save Money and Time

If you are trying to save money for retirement, cutting expenses can be quite a challenge.  Most Americans aren’t saving nearly enough to retire on.  Most are living paycheck to paycheck.  This makes saving money nearly impossible.

The money you save on clothes and shoes alone can increase your monthly savings.  When you think about not only the expense of purchasing professional work clothes but also maintaining them through professional cleaning.

The amount expended could easily be added to your savings for retirement.  Just calculate what you spend each month and take a look at the yearly amount to be clear.

You can also save your weekly lunch budget and so many other expenses.  The money it takes to work away from home can eventually become the cash you save for retirement.

The time savings you get when you generate income from home.  It takes the average person three hours to get dressed and arrive at work each morning.  However, now that I work from home, those three hours are well spent getting work done for my business.  Having the ability to invest your time and money the way you want is what it’s all about.

fire your boss

Learn Affiliate Marketing and Be Your Own Boss

When you learn to generate income from home, you take back your power and begin living life the way you want.  Life takes on a whole new meaning when it’s not plagued with punching a clock and pretending to be somewhere you’d rather never see again.

If you would like to learn how to generate income from home, I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate University.  You can get started today and begin investing in the future life you want to live.  As you invest in yourself through self-paced courses, eventually you can build an online business that reflects your greatest joy and happiness.  Then you can happily fire your boss and thrive your way.

Have you tried Affiliate Marketing to generate income from home?  If so, I would love to hear from you.  Have you tried Wealthy Affiliate University?  Learn how to become an online entrepreneur the right way.  Please leave your comments and questions below.

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