Why I LOVE Wealthy Affiliate University – My Personal Review

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Several years ago, I created my first website. I was so excited and ready to start making money online.  I did a lot of research, hoping to get it right from the start. If only I had found Wealthy Affiliate University back then, I would be telling a very different story now.

I learned a lot from my first blogging experience, however,  it wasn’t enough to create financial success.  For my first website, I purchased my own domain and taught myself how to build the website from scratch using WordPress platform.

I assumed I could Google everything I needed to know and life would be good. What I didn’t know at the time, was how much erroneous information I would find on the internet, when it comes to managing a website.

It’s not just about finding pretty pictures and flowers and adding a donation button. In order to be successful online, you must understand how to get traffic to your site, how to market your website, how to do keyword searches and so much more.

Trying to learn about search engine optimization and so many other concepts was simply overwhelming since every website I visited stated something different.  However, being the determined person I am, I refused to give up. I really wanted to make my website a success and hopefully earn an income.

affiliate marketing

Wealthy Affiliate University Can Help You Learn Affiliate Marketing to Make Money Online the Right Way & Avoid All the Confusion and Frustration

I can remember spending endless hours researching various websites and trying to understand all of the technical jargon. Every time I came across an industry word I’d never heard before, I had to stop and research that word which was like opening a Pandora’s Box and only caused me more confusion.

The most frustrating part of all was every time I thought I had found the answer I was seeking and made adjustments to my website, I’d eventually find out that the information was outdated, incorrect or simply not necessary. So I actually wasted a lot of time chasing my tail.

When I decided to try again; creating a new website, I was determined to find a real place (online) where I could receive proper training before attempting to create a website again. I realized that if I kept going from website to website trying to piece together my knowledge and understanding, I was destined to fail at it again.

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Wealthy Affiliate University Provides the Best Educational Tools & Resources For Affiliate Marketing Success

Then one day, I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate University. I actually found it by accident. I was doing some research on an opportunity to make money online that someone I knew had emailed to me. The opportunity turned out to be a waste of time but doing the research was well worth my effort.

When I first found the Wealthy Affiliate website, I was initially excited that I could get started for free. The opportunity to try it out before spending any money was a big deal for me. I wanted to be able to decide if it was the right fit before making a commitment. I’m also glad I didn’t talk myself out of it or decide to come back later.

Often times, when we plan to come back; we either forget or lose interest in learning more. However, I was at a point of resolve. I desired passionately to be my own boss and NOW was the only time I had available. So, I immediately decided to check it out and boy am I glad I did.

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My First Impressions of Wealthy Affiliate University

I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like to look too hard for what I want when I visit a website. If it’s crowded with too much text and too many buttons and blinking lights, I am likely to move on before even reading a single sentence.

Once I created my free account with Wealthy Affiliate University, my first view of the website design and structure made me feel comfortable.  I appreciated that everything I needed to get started was right there at my fingertips. There was no need to comb through endless pages just to find out where to get started.

The community is friendly and ready to help. There is 24/7 live chat, weekly live webcasts and a knowledge library that’s easy to search.  I immediately felt welcomed so it was easy to get involved and become a part of the community.

When I began taking the first course, I just loved the ease and flow of the training. Creating my site was a breeze since the step by step instructions were very easy to follow.

Even though I had prior knowledge of most of the initial website creation steps, I wanted to complete each section of the course to insure I would learn whatever I didn’t know. Each course came with a video instruction which made each step clear and concise. Finally, no confusion about what to do next.

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Choose Quality Resources that Support You and Add Value to Your Online Business Success

Once I decided to join Wealthy Affiliate, so much became clear. Now I no longer need to comb through various websites in an attempt to understand a process; only to receive contradictory information.

Now I go directly to Wealthy Affiliate for all of my technical questions. I am very happy with the progress of my website and I’m learning what I need to know about building a business online.

I love Wealthy Affiliate University because I no longer need to struggle to figure out what to do next. I now feel fully supported in my online business.  Wealthy Affiliate also offers unlimited website hosting to their members.

I learned from my first website attempt the importance of using the right hosting service for your site. Choosing the right hosting service prevents your site from having a lot of downtime or service interruptions.

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The support I receive from Wealthy Affiliate has been priceless. For someone like me, who knew little about affiliate marketing and creating a website, it was the best decision.  I highly recommend starting your new venture with this educational community. Even if you are a seasoned internet marketer, you will love the resources and support this community has to offer.

Wealthy Affiliate University is a great place to meet like-minded individuals and to connect with a community that will support you and your online business goals.  Feel free to ask questions or leave comments below.

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