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Online Link Ninja – Product Review

Name:  Online Link Ninja
Price: $19.95
Owners: Not Found
Overall Rank: 0 out of 100

Online Link Ninja – An Overview

Online Link Ninja is an online service that promises to get automated traffic to your website from social media using a unique traffic system.  You pay a one-time fee of $19.99 then you are redirected to a membership page.  There you submit the URL for your website.

The company promises that you will receive traffic within 48 hours of your purchase.  The company also claims this automated traffic will be coming to your website from sources like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and other social media websites.

You only have to do this once and traffic will continue to keep coming to your website every day with nothing more to do on your part.

The Good vs. the Bad

The Good:

  • Low cost, one time payment of only $19.99.
  • Three easy steps to get unlimited traffic to your website – Join, Submit URL and Confirm.  Then you get lifetime traffic to your website.
  • Promises to provide between 10 – 100 visitors every day.

The Bad:

  • Makes your website vulnerable to excessive spam and viruses
  • Most of the traffic is not suitable for your website since it likely won’t be for your targeted audience.
  • Google considers most automated traffic systems to be illegitimate and fraudulent. This can cause your website’s ranking to be reduced and severely damage your website’s reputation as a legitimate authority for your niche.

online link ninja review

Who is Online Link Ninja For and Is It a Scam?  You Be the Judge

Online Link Ninja promotes its services to online businesses and affiliate marketers.  They promise to provide traffic to your website.  The idea behind the strategy is that the more traffic your website receives the more chances you have of converting traffic to sells.

Although on many levels this is true, most automated traffic systems are pathom traffic and not real traffic at all.  If you are interested in learning how to get legitimate traffic to your website, see my bonus offer below for more information.

In July, 2015 the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) and Digital Ad Leaders Announced a New Program to Block Fraudulent Data Center Traffic.  Google partnered with the group who created a new pilot blacklist to protect advertisers across the industry.

For more information on the program and the on-going strategies to protect advertisers and prevent bad-data center traffic, you can read the following articles:

Online Link Ninja’s Tools & Training

The company does not offer any training or resources.  The website states they do the work behind the scenes using a secret traffic system.

Online Link Ninja’s Support

The company offers no support for their product.  However, the website states they are in the process of creating an affiliate program.

online link ninja

My Final Opinion of Online Link Ninja

I tried this product a year ago and did receive traffic to my website for a little while but it stopped after about a month. After doing some research, I discovered that automated traffic can really do more harm than good.

When working to rank your website with Google and grow as a respectable online business, using automated traffic can hurt your sites reputation. You also risk having your site banned or blacklisted which means you will never rank with Google.

It is best to be patient and grow your traffic site using tried and trusted strategies like writing good, quality content and PPC marketing.  With hard work and consistency, you website will eventually rank as a trusted authority.

Online Link Ninja at a Glance…

Name:  Online Link Ninja
Price: $19.95
Owners: Not Found
Overall Rank: 0 out of 100


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3 thoughts on “Online Link Ninja – Product Review

  1. Excellent review.

    I take it this system doesn’t revolve around delivering accurate traffic right? Like, they don’t ask for details of who your targeted audience is to ensure your traffic is targeted right for the purchase?

    Let me know.


    • Hi Sam, you are exactly right. It’s like a garbage dump of useless traffic that shows up in your analytics. I’m not sure if it’s even real traffic at all. The articles I’ve read recently states that a lot of the automated traffic systems are not legitimate traffic. So the truth is you won’t really know for sure what you are getting. I do know it’s not worth all the spam it brings to your site. Thanks for your comment.

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