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How to Schedule Automatic Posts on Your Facebook Fan Page

Once you build a website that you are ready to promote.  The first thing you will need to do is set up social media pages for your online business. The great thing about social media marketing is that you can do free and paid marketing. So it’s a good idea to take advantage of the free marketing as much as possible.

You will discover that marketing processes on social media are quite different depending on the platform. It’s pretty easy to post and promote your website once you get everything set up properly.

Remember that social media marketing isn’t just about posting for your business.  It’s also about connecting with other businesses as well. So be generous and share other people’s posts when you find them interesting. This article will go through the process for scheduling automatic posts on your Facebook Fan Page.

Marketing Your Website on Facebook

Once you’ve set up your Facebook fan page, don’t forget to invite your friends to like your new page. Facebook allows you to go through your current friend’s list and choose the ones you want to send an invite to or you can just send a general invite to your entire list.

However you choose to do it, inviting the friends you already have on Facebook to join your Fan Page is a great way to get the ball rolling. As I mentioned above, it’s also a good idea to share other people’s posts and pictures as this can help to create more connections for you. Just remember to share and post things that are relevant to your niche market.

This keeps your business image and marketing efforts clear and ensures you are not confusing potential customers.  If a potential customer can’t figure out what you are promoting, they will likely lose interest and move on.  Also, having various topics and niches represented on your Facebook Fan Page can make you seem less like an expert of your niche.  So keep it simple.

Facebook Fan Page

Stay Connected with Regular Posting

I will admit that posting regularly on social media can be a challenge.  You will need to keep up with each page and create a budget for your paid marketing efforts.  However, regular posting is the key.  Success comes from creating momentum.

I suggest only signing up with social media platforms that you know you are willing to keep active.  There are web communities and software programs available that will automatically post your latest articles to your social media pages.

The problem I have with this is that they seem to redirect your traffic.  For example, if a potential customer sees one of your posts and clicks on the link, they may be directed to the other website before they can connect directly to your website.

In some cases, your website doesn’t receive the traffic at all. This is because the platform is set up so the customer can read your article while still on their website.  For this reason, I prefer to post my own articles.

Facebook Fan Page

How to Schedule Automatic Post on Your Facebook Fan Page

I was so happy when I discovered this feature.  I can schedule posts several months in advance or a week in advance.  This allows me the freedom to focus on keeping up with my other social media fan pages.

I will say for the record, to beware of over posting as this can annoy some people.  I usually try to post only two or three automatic posts per day.  That way I can post an article or video randomly if I find something interesting to share.  Below is the step by step instructions for scheduling automatic posts.

  1. Go to your Business Manager Page.  Once you have an article or video you would like to post, click on the box that states, “Write Something”.  This will cause the box to separate from the page so you can add the content.
  2. To post an article from your website.  Copy and paste the URL from your website into the, “write something” box.  Wait a few seconds then you will see the article appear.  Facebook gives you the option of selecting additional pictures from your computer.
  3. Schedule Post or Publish Now.  Once you’ve written any comments you might want and the article preview is showing, select the down arrow next to the publish button.  This will give you a calendar option and time option.  You can schedule a post as far out as you like.  If you prefer to publish now, just select “Publish”.

That’s it.  Again, you can schedule posts for the whole year if you like.  This time management tool allows you to keep up with your other marketing efforts much better.

Thanks for reading this article.  If you found the information helpful, please share.  Do you have a Facebook Fan Page?  Do use the automatic scheduling feature?  Please share your comments below.

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