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What You Need to Know Before Buying SEO Services

Understanding search engine optimization or SEO is essential to online business success. Some people prefer to outsource these website development responsibilities rather than perform the tasks themselves.

When I first got started in internet marketing and purchased my first website domain, I immediately began receiving emails from SEO companies wanting to service my website. They all promised to get me ranked on the top search engines. I later learned I could have purchased website privacy in order to prevent being contacted by telemarketers, spammers and other companies seeking to sell me services.

Anyway, the SEO service companies promised that I would also receive thousands of hits to my website each day. The fees that were being requested were quite astronomical.  I wasn’t sure if these services were scams or not, all I knew was I was determined to do the work myself  to save money. I worked really hard to  optimize my website but the truth is I never really understood SEO until I joined Wealthy Affiliate University.

Now that I understand the process, I also realize how outrageous the fees those companies were attempting to charge me.  In my opinion,  the fees they were charging was basically highway robbery.

Here I will share with you, what you need to know before paying outrageous prices for SEO services.

SEO Services

What is SEO Services and Why Does Your Online Business Need it?

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization.  This is the process of increasing a website’s visibility in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.  Following certain protocols can allow your website to receive visits without paying for advertising.

Proper SEO increases your website’s chances of getting pulled up in search results.  This is often called natural or organic traffic results.

Learn How to Optimize Your Website from Day One

Search engine optimization takes time and consistency.  As your site matures and you consistently follow certain protocols, your posts will naturally rank in the search engines.  At Wealthy Affiliate you can learn how to optimize your website from the beginning.

You will learn how to choose titles for your posts, how to write good content and much more.  Paying someone to optimize your website should not cost you a fortune.  Especially since it’s something you can easily do yourself with proper training.

SEO Services

You Can Download an SEO Plugin to Do Most of the Work

There are several free and paid plugins you can download to help with optimization.  If you are using WordPress, you can go to the plugin’s tab on your dashboard and type the words, “search engine optimization or SEO”.

This should provide you with a list of plugins.  Currently, I use a plugin called, “Yoast SEO” which is a pretty popular plugin.  I like this plugin because it gives good feedback on how well your posts are optimized.

Most plugins will require you to input certain standard criteria.  In order to use a plugin properly, you will need to input information such as title description, keywords and Meta tags which are descriptors that go into the headings of your page.

Each plugin has different requirements but basically you will be using very specific techniques when writing your articles to help the search engines index your posts efficiently.

SEO Services

Optimization Doesn’t Mean Keyword Stuffing

There was a time when you could write a web post full of keywords in every sentence in order to rank in search engines for that keyword.  However, since Google began using algorithms called Panda and Penguin, this is no longer adequate for creating a quality, authoritative website.

When it comes to optimizing your website, niche marketing strategies will allow you to target smaller audiences that aren’t so competitive.  When writing your content, you want to write for people and not just to rank in search engines.  If you don’t, it will be reflected in your posts and your content will be less authentic.

Be Careful Who You Hire to Manage Your Website

I recently saw a video from Lisa Irby on YouTube.  Lisa is a well-known blogger who posted a video about a woman who paid $10,000 for SEO services.  You would need to know what SEO truly requires to know just how absurd paying this amount of money for SEO services really is.  Please see video below.

One of the things Lisa suggests, before hiring someone to work on your website is that you request references.  I totally agree.  If you are determined to outsource your website management, you should definitely do your homework first.

Contact at least three to five SEO service companies, receive their payment information and at least three references each.  If they are not willing to give references, this should be a red flag.  Once you have learned the average pay rate for these services and have contacted each company’s references, then make a decision based on solid facts and information.

Additionally, be cautious of companies who make huge promises to give you certain results.  Even the large authoritative websites know that nothing is certain when it comes to the worldwide web.  Internet marketing is always changing. The more you educate yourself, the less likely you will be taken by someone who may be interested in preying on your ignorance.

Have you outsourced your website development?  Do you pay for SEO services?  I would love to hear your story.  Please feel free to comment below.  Your feedback is truly appreciated.

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14 thoughts on “What You Need to Know Before Buying SEO Services

  1. Kelara
    Nice post with great information.

    I agree with all of it, as you mentioned, Optimization doesn’t mean keyword stuffing, lot of people still don’t notice that Panda and Penguin algorithms made SEO writing even easier, you determine small target group, search suitable Keyword /phrase for this group, then make one post /article for one keyword. Niche marketing becomes much more productive and easier for any online business.

    One more point regarding Wealthy Affiliate. All my SEO knowledge came from Wealthy Affiliate training. In less than two months training I could manage to start website, indexed and ranked first page in several search results.

    Thank you for this post.

    Wish you all the best 🙂

    • Hi Daria, thanks so much for your comment. I appreciate your detailed explanation. It’s always good to hear it expressed well by others. Also, I’ve learned so much from Wealthy Affiliate. It’s definitely a top notch learning source for online entrepreneurs. Best wishes to you too. 🙂

  2. Great article and after reading it I am sure I will want to do my own SEO for my website. Haha. Just a little bit scary handing over my baby to other people. Also i’ll have to make sure and not put keywords every other sentence. I have heard a lot of people saying that you want a certain amount of keyword density but they must be wrong?


    • Hi Anthony, I prefer to take care of my baby too. I believe you have to find a balance when using keywords. You don’t want to use too many but you don’t want to use too few either. I’m still figuring it out myself. I think the most important thing is to make sure your content is readable and flows. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Yes, even I think the same ways. Now a days, SEO is more of a do it yourself thing. Instead of paying that much for SEO services she could have paid much lesser for paid advertisements like PPC, banners etc for better and quick results. There are a lot of other effective ways to promote your site. What say?

    • Hi Nirmal, thanks for your comment. You are totally correct and the fact that they didn’t even do a good job makes it even worse. Thanks again for your comment. Regards, Kelara

  4. Great article! I really found the information you presented very helpful. Actually I am just building my website and I know that I need to be consistent in creating content in order to rank better. By the way, is wealthy affiliate worth it to join? How long have you been in the program?

    • Hi John, I love Wealthy Affiliate. If you’re serious about making money online and creating an affiliate marketing career, it’s the best place to invest in your future. I’m glad you enjoyed the article. Please come back to visit again. I often post great articles that are truly beneficial for beginners. Best regards, Kelara

  5. Kelara,.
    I began on your business presentation page, and was impressed with your video. It did kind of run at a slow pace, is there any way that you could get it to flow a little quicker? Your pronunciation was good, just a little slow. Your page graphics were very eye appealing, and not overbearing. Keep up the great work, and journey toward your dream.

    • Hi Wayne, thanks for your comment. I totally agree with what you said about the video. I’ve actually been meaning to do the video over again, just haven’t had time. I will certainly be working on that soon. Thanks again, Kelara

  6. Hi Kelara,

    Wow I cannot believe someone paid ten grand for SEO services! It is so true like you say that it is something that a person can learn on their own.

    I guess some people have that kinda cash to throw around – some thing I have not yet experienced in life.

    When I’m working on my website I try different experimental SEO tactics that I’ve learned to see how the work out. It’s kinda like learning by trial and error.

    How much is reasonable if I wanted to outsource a professional to look over the SEO I have put in place myself to review and see if I am on the right track?


    • Hi Marceig, thanks for your comment. When I came across that video I was totally stunned. I could not believe she spent that kind of money which is why I had to write a post about it. Hopefully, this post will help those thinking about buying SEO services to do their homework first. Best wishes, Kelara

  7. I agree with you here. SEO services are way too expensive. It does take time for it to start coming in to full effect when you do it yourself but you do save a bunch of money that you really don’t need to spend. I cant believe she paid $10k for SEO. That’s a lot of money she should of definitely joined Wealthy Affiliate, that would of helped her out a lot.

    • Hi Brandon, thanks for your comment. I totally agree she spent a lot of money unnecessarily. I hope my article help others to educate themselves before spending that kind of money.

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