Women Entrepreneurs Making Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great opportunity for women entrepreneurs who want to learn to create wealth and passive income online.  Many people think that affiliate marketing is a scam or that it’s an outdated way to make money on the internet.  However, this is not true.

Actually, affiliate marketing is still very much alive and well.  It is also one of the most coveted ways to earn an income.  Why? Because done right, you can actually live a pretty charmed life.  The income possibilities for a successful affiliate marketer are limitless.

Creating goods and services of your own and marketing them online is a solid way to earn an income. However, if you prefer you can market and advertise someone else’s goods and services for a commission. Either way you choose to go, with the right attitude and effort, it is truly possible to succeed but it won’t be easy to do. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it right?

Many have tried and failed to create success with affiliate marketing.  Often when this happens you get a crowd of naysayers and false information going around.  Yet, there are plenty marketers who are living the dream.


affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing Experts Expect Good Future for the Industry

Informatics.com posted an article that states, “Market researchers predicted that affiliate sales would hit $4.5 billion in 2016 influencing 14% of all e-commerce purchases. That puts affiliate marketing in the running with both email and organic search.  The article post is also predicting a good year for 2017 and beyond.  Click here to read more.

You can also research affiliate marketing income reports to get a general understanding of the income possibilities.  Link-Assist.com posted an article, regarding 10 different affiliate marketing blogs who publish their monthly income reports.  It’s very inspiring to see these income reports as it gives you an idea of what’s possible.  Click here to see the full article.

I also recommend doing research on the current affiliate marketing trends to see just how amazingly this industry is thriving and what’s next for the industry.  So, with all that being said, how come you don’t know anyone achieving success in the industry?  Why does it seem like so few marketers actually make an income with affiliate marketing?

To be honest, there is a whole host of reasons but the main reason is the lack of proper training and education.  Most people are still under the impression that they can wing it.  They assume that by google searching along with trial and error they can help them make money online.  Often these people spend years trying to figure out why it’s not working.  I should know, I was one of them.

After years of research; trial and error, I highly recommend to anyone interested in becoming an affiliate marketer that the seek out and obtain proper training and education from a reputable online training platform like Wealthy Affiliate University.

affiliate marketing

Self-Education is Proper Investment in Yourself and Your Dream

In order to thrive as an affiliate marketer, it’s important to understand that what you don’t know can hurt you. There was a time when you could just buy a website domain and go for it on your own.  However, those times are gone. The industry has evolved in order to compete in the digital age we live in.

As technology evolve and social media continues to thrive, the way we connect with people must also transform. Gone are the days when a simple ad would do the trick.  Potential customers are more likely to do research these days looking for the best deal and/or quality of service.

Also, when Google updates their algorithms that govern the search engines, this can directly impact how your website is ranked in the search engines.  Therefore, understanding how to maintain your website is crucial for health and longevity.  This is not impossible to understand, it simply takes a willingness to invest in your own self-education in order to create success.

As an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate University,  I proudly recommend this state of the art educational platform because I appreciate the professional yet easy going environment for learning.  Also, the training courses and videos are excellent, the community is amazing and they offer 24/7 live chat and support.  Plus, it’s a low-cost way to get started the right way.

For women entrepreneurs interested in affiliate marketing to generate income, there is no time like the present.  Check out Wealthy Affiliate University for free, no credit card necessary and discover this great educational resource for yourself.

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  1. Hi Kelara,
    Wow, $4.5 billion in sales from affiliate marketing! I had no Idea it was that big. I love the idea that you are focusing on women learning how to earn online and affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to start building an online business for yourself. I also feel that it is very important to surround yourself with like-minded people who are willing to help and support you.

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